Pratik Borsadiya's Profile

Hello, I'm Pratik Borsadiya.

Senior Full-Stack engineer @ByteProphecy

Hey there,
I am Pratik from Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

I work at ByteProphecy as a Senior full-stack engineer. Developing beautiful and usable products with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is my passion and profession for almost past five years. Ever since I was introduced to a computer I am really passionate about it. My curiosity about computers led me to my current job and it's one of the reason why I really like to explore all aspects of computers from software and programming to hardware and networking.

When I am not at work, I like to contribute to open source projects. Occasionally I can be found wandering at Rook Islands, Kyrat or Great Plains. I like to play computer games.


Client Side: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SASS, AngularJs, ReactJS, PugJs, Bootstrap, SEO

Server Side: NodeJs, Nginx, Linux (Ubuntu), Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform

Developer Tools: Git, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, NPM, Docker

Work Experience

ByteProphecy - Senior Full-Stack developer - From October 2018 to present

I am a Senior Full-Stack developer at the company. My responsibilities includes:

  • Develop data driven dashboards and visualizations using React.JS, D3.JS and Node.JS
  • Lead development of the data analytics product which caters all kinds of data analytics use cases across multiple industries.

Gridle - Senior Front-end Developer - From July 2017 to September 2018

I was a Senior front-end developer in IT services section of the company. My responsibilities included:

  • Develop modern web-applications to solve the problems of our clients using Angular.js, React/Redux, Node.js JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Architect frontend of the projects being implemented by the company with focus on maintainability and performance in mind.
  • Standardizing front-end programming practices and having them implemented so that the projects are more maintainable and easy to explain to the newer project members.
  • Helping and mentoring junior members of the frontend team by reviewing and advising them for possible improvements in the code they have written.

Gridle - Frontend Developer - From July 2015 to June 2017

I was responsible for frontend development of the product My responsibilities included:

  • Working closely with design team and creating interfaces based on visual design and user feedback.
  • Standardizing front-end code style to facilitate the on-boarding of new team members and making the product easy to manage and update.
  • Working with other team members across various disciplines to improve product experience.

Gujarat Technological University

Government Polytechnic College - Ahmedabad

Diploma in Computer Engineering - 2012 - 2015



Gridle is a cloud based collaboration tool for teams to communicate effectively.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SASS, PugJs, AngularJs, Grunt

Vali admin

A free, modular and easy to customize dashboard theme built using Bootstrap, SASS and Pug JS.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SASS, PugJs, Grunt, Bootstrap